Patica is a for-purpose organization. We have a clear mission and vision for why we exist and grow our impact.

Patica wants to help people & communities grow by helping them develop competencies that empower them to do great things.

Our focus is on communities that help us collectively take care of the world we live in. From circular economy communities to impact (purpose) startups or any other purpose first groups.

Current domains we focus on
+ Distributed Work (aka remote work)
+ Distributed Ownership (such as Steward Ownership)
+ Distributed Governance (decision making, such as Holacracy)

Our purpose is not to maximize profits, but we use profit to scale our impact, by reinvesting it to fullfil and grow our mission and build stronger relationships with other learning communities.

The purpose of profit for Patica is to be self-sustaining, be able to create a normal income to our core contributors and invest in collaboration projects which service another nobel purpose, but which are not able to cover our cost.

Patica is a steward ownership organization, which means Patica can't be sold. We are not looking for an exited through a public offering (IPO) or the transfer of ownership to the highest bidder.

The people & organizations who own Patica and the people who decide how Patica does what it does to stay true to its purpose are two separate things.

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