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Personal Learning

Personal Learning

Patica co-creates eco-systems of learning that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to:

  • set their own learning goals (with support of others with experience & expertise)
  • manage their learning, both content and process
  • communicate with others in the process of learning

The learner defines a goal and curate a learning program with a focus on learning-to-do rather than learning-to-know. The right content, the right practices and the read feedback will help a learning develop competencies.

And although Patica is a digital platform, we are always aware that we are part of an eco-system where content & learning is available outside of the platform; such as workshops, on-the-job learning and social learning. We aim to empower and connect these kind of learning opportunities, rather than replace them.

Human Guidance

Self-managed learning is great and many people have benefitted from this kind of learning. However, it leaves gaps for many who want to learn, but don't have the time to define a learning program on their own or the competencies they wish to develop are hard (or even impossible) to assess by digital & automated tools.

This is why a human guide (coach, personal trainer, etc.) is essential for many of us to get started, keep going and progress.

Patica helps learners to get connected with relevant human guides and makes interacting efficient.

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