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Use Cases

Some examples of how Patica Learning can help. There are more options, so if you're curious, reach out and challenge us!

Individual Learning


One-one-one, small groups or big groups

Patica Mentorship

Patica can add a digital layer to this ultimate human to human guided experience. Together the mentor & mentee can map out a path with milestones. Scheduling time to meet and have a conversation about progress. Allow a mentee to reach out when they are stuck and ask for guidance. Get access to learning content and challenges to learning by doing.


One-one-one, small groups or big groups

Patica Coaching

Patica enables any kind of guidance, so aside from mentorship programs, can we also support coaching programs.

Apprentice - Mastership

One-one-one, small groups or big groups

Patica Mastery

As learning requires the doing, we allow the person who does to learn from mistakes or discover hidden improvement areas by sharing their doing with an expert, who can provide constructive feedback in order to grow..

Organizational Learning

Probono Network

As a whole & as an individual

Patica Probono

Active and Empower your probono network. Help make probono knowledge experts more effective, but connecting them with others who can increase their impact with more skills and know-how!

Change Management

As a whole & as an individual

Patica Change

Partner Development

As a whole & as an individual

Patica Partner Network

Collective Growth

As a whole & as an individual

Patica Growth

What Patica can do for Social Benefit Organizations

Patica works as your digital partner, helping you get the most out of learning programs. These can be internal learning programs for new team members or the entire organization, but it can also be for the beneficiars you are targeting. We aim to help you increase your impact by growing your capacity to DO!

Some Examples

Patica Learning

How does Patica work?

Organizations which already have a program can get our guidance to add our digital learning environment to their existing program. We will also explore how we can help make the learning more effective and motivational by focusing on the learning to do and not just the learning to know.

We have a web and mobile based learning engagement platform which allows you to offer highly personalized learning journeys to individuals and groups. This makes the learning more relevant, reduces waste of time and increases the impact of the learning as it's directly translated in to doing.

Human guidance allows the learning to be even more effective, as the human guide acts as the coach, assessor and mentor, allowing the learner to get feedback needed to cycle through the learning process, learning from mistakes and improving skills.

Patica helps indentify the needed skills and best practice, helps find the learning content and programs, engages the guides (individuals with practical expertise) and helps you launch your learning program

Scale Impact by Growing Capacity

Patica has a flexible digital learning engagement platform which we can tailor to fit your needs.

Explore what configuration would work for you or contact us and we'll discover it together!


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